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Evening IOP in Atlanta, Georgia


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Etowah Recovery Center is dedicated to creating a place of healing and growth for all that we encounter.

Making the brave decision to seek treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol means spending time in therapy sessions. For many, attending daytime treatment works fine, but what about people who need their days free to work, attend college, or take care of personal responsibilities? Etowah Recovery Center recognizes that many people need the convenience of an evening IOP in Atlanta, Georgia. As a result, we offer one designed to fit the schedule of those who have daytime obligations and want to attend treatment.

What is Evening IOP? 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are the mid-level of outpatient treatment programs. They work well for someone who has completed a residential or a partial hospitalization program and is ready to step down to a lower level of care. Outpatient rehab means the person does not have to live in a treatment facility. Instead, they travel to the facility for their therapy sessions. Daytime IOP requires people to attend their appointments in the morning or afternoon. However, this schedule does not meet everyone’s needs, which is why some treatment centers offer evening IOP. They receive the same valuable care and therapy modality choices, but they take place in the evening. This meets a lot of people’s schedules more effectively than daytime treatment does.

How Does Our Evening IOP Program in Atlanta Work?

We begin each person’s treatment program by assessing them so we understand how they experience their addiction. We get to know them and what challenges they face in staying sober. This allows us to create a plan for the therapies that will best enable them to reshape how they see the world and develop healthy coping skills. Our therapists are skilled and use a compassionate approach to bolster each individual’s ability to avoid the temptation to relapse. We also offer access to prescription drugs that help ease many of the withdrawal symptoms that come with getting off drugs and alcohol. Etowah Recovery Centers also offers an alumni program to help people stay sober for life.

Evening IOP Schedule

Evening IOP typically takes place for three hours each day on four or five evenings per week. The specific schedule for each person will be determined after they are assessed by a staff member.

Benefits of Attending Evening IOP in Atlanta

While many people find that daytime IOP works best for them, there are benefits to attending evening IOP. For someone who needs to work or attend school during the day, evening IOP allows them the ability to do that while still attending vital addiction treatment sessions at night. For people with children, it can work out to be at home to take care of their kids during the day and find childcare for a few hours in the evening. 

Many people in recovery from addiction reside in sober living homes for a few months. These homes often require their residents to attend treatment. Evening IOP allows a person to both live independently and still receive treatment for their substance use disorders. In addition, many people find that the evening hours are the most difficult to get through because the urge to drink or use drugs is the strongest at night. Evening IOP offers a structured program that keeps the person out of temptation’s way and working on staying sober.

How Do I Know Evening IOP Is Right for Me?

Anyone who is unsure of which type of outpatient program is right for them can ask themselves some questions. This will help them determine if evening IOP is right for them. 

  • Do I have a job with daytime hours?
  • Do I attend college during the day?
  • If I have kids, can I provide childcare for them for a few hours in the evening?
  • Do I have a stable home environment?
  • Do I qualify for outpatient care and don’t need residential treatment?
  • Do I need a higher level of outpatient care than just a couple of sessions per week?
  • Has a therapist or doctor recommended IOP to me?
  • Is the fact that outpatient care is less expensive than residential care important to me?

What Do We Treat in Evening IOP? 

Our evening IOP offers quality, effective treatment for a number of substance use disorders. The addictions we treat include:


We also treat dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. Mental illnesses we treat include:

Does Insurance Cover Evening IOP?

Most insurance companies understand that addictions are serious illnesses and require specialized treatment. Many companies include evening IOP as part of their coverage plan. Anyone interested in using their insurance for this type of program should contact a company representative to discuss their options. Additionally, many treatment facilities offer free insurance verification to help people know if their policy covers treatment with them.

Begin Evening IOP Treatment for Addiction

Are you ready to commit to getting help for your substance use disorder but find that most treatment facilities only offer daytime treatment? Etowah Recovery Center understands that some people have certain obligations during the day which means they need an option for seeking help at night. We offer an evening IOP plan that allows people to engage in several types of therapies designed to help them address their addictions head-on and conquer them. We give people the opportunity to create balance in their lives by getting the help they need at the time that is most convenient for them.

Would you like more information about how our evening IOP can work for you? Contact us now and find out how easy it is to get started. 


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